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Inside the Miracle on Ice: How Team USA defied the numbers 40 years ago

team usa was outpossessed, outshot and overmatched. so how did herb brooks' team pull off the miracle 40 years ago? we go inside the numbers and strategy of the upset.

Steve Fenn/Getty Images

What's the center of the American hockey universe?

斗牛计算器is detroit still hockeytown, usa? we identify the top hockey hotbeds in america right now.



Officials: No 'Plan B' for Tokyo Olympics for virus

tokyo olympic organizers and the international olympic committee said friday there is no "plan b" for the 2020 games, which open in just over five months and have been jolted by the outbreak of a virus in neighboring china.

Coronavirus FAQ: What does this mean for the 2020 Summer Olympics?

the escalating coronavirus numbers have made it more and more difficult for sports organizers around the world to go on as planned. what does this mean for the olympics and other events?

Coronavirus: Shanghai authority wants sports events suspended

shanghai authorities have recommended the suspension of all sporting events in the city due to the outbreak.

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